About the Conference:
Baptist Health South Florida Nursing & Health Sciences Research hosts the annual BHSF Research Conference. The conference is designed to engage healthcare providers in research and evidence-based practice activities that improve the quality of patient care and enhance organizational efforts to provide clinically excellent, compassionate care. Each year it provides healthcare providers with the opportunity to gain knowledge related to feasible and relevant strategies to integrate research and evidence based practice in a clinical setting.

Intended Audience:
This program is designed for nurses and healthcare professionals who work in direct patient care, research, management, education or are interested in research.


Submissions from 2014


Dissertation Proposal: Exploration of Congestive Heart Failure Patients' Perspectives of Discharge Planning and Hospital Recidivism, Robin Tellez

Evaluation of Efficacy of the COPD AARC Pilot Patient Education Program in Hospitalized COPD Patients, Mikki Thompson

Educational Gaming to Reduce Medical Errors, Diane Vich

Nurse Perceptions and Safety Practices of the Use of the Carpuject Pre-filled Cartridge Syringe System, Nada Wakim

Submissions from 2013


SCALE - Skin Changes at Life's End: An Educational Intervention for Intensive Care, and Medical Surgical Nurses, Rosa Filomeno, Sophie Boudreau, and Maria Ojeda


The Effects of an Educational Intervention Based on "Visual Cues" and a "Buddy System" on the Incidence and Prevalence of Pressure Ulcers, Rosa Filomeno, Gloria Rueda, Adriana Garay, Shelly Commock, Erica Cuthbert, and Maria Ojeda

Submissions from 2012

Conversion to Disposable Transfer Devices to remove Barriers and Increase the Use of Friction Reduction Devices to Promote Safe Patient Handling, Lee Streater