About the Conference:
Baptist Health South Florida Nursing & Health Sciences Research hosts the annual BHSF Research Conference. The conference is designed to engage healthcare providers in research and evidence-based practice activities that improve the quality of patient care and enhance organizational efforts to provide clinically excellent, compassionate care. Each year it provides healthcare providers with the opportunity to gain knowledge related to feasible and relevant strategies to integrate research and evidence based practice in a clinical setting.

Intended Audience:
This program is designed for nurses and healthcare professionals who work in direct patient care, research, management, education or are interested in research.


Submissions from 2014

Shared Governance Equals Shared Decision, Is it or Is it Not?, Rosalina Butao

Treatment of Complex Open Abdominal Wounds with Exposed Viscera using a Specialized Negative Pressure Device in the Acute Setting, Donna Byfield

Ergonomic Task Force: South Miami Hospital 4 East Tower Bridge Incline, Natalie Campaneria

Reducing Cost and Improving Utilization Associated with Friction Reducing Devices, Natalie Campaneria

5 East Tower Quiet at Night Performance Improvement Project, Simone Cheong


The Effect of an Educational Intervention on the Knowledge and Management of PONV Among Anesthesia Providers: A Pilot Study, Eleazar Comprendio, Juan E. Ruan, Mohammad Zyed, Julie Lamoureux, and Feliciano Villalba

What You Don't Know CAN Hurt Your Patient: Postpartum Urinary Retention, Teresita Delgado


Evaluating Albumin Utilization in a Community-Based Hospital Post-Hetastarch Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Warning, Wilbert Fuerte, Frances Ordieres, and Judy Tseng

Surviving Sepsis South Miami Project, Aimee Green-Blumstein

Safe Patient Handling (SPH)- Reducing Injury to Patients and Healthcare Workers/Team, Christy Guzik-Creghton

Implementing the No One Dies Alone Program: Increase Comfort to Decrease Distress, Karol Harrelson

Evaluating the Sensitivity and Specificity of the Severe Sepsis Tool Utilized at Baptist Hospital of Miami, Jorge Hirigoyen

Happy Skin: Prevention of Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers through a SKIN Bundle and Staff Text Reminders, Floralynn Lacrete

100% Core Care All the Time: A Newly Opened Hospital's Journey to NQM Excellence, Eva Mitra

Improving Identification of Early Signs of Deterioration: Project MITE, Jana Nesbit

Assessing Unit Practice Council Functionality: A Pilot Study, Maria Ojeda

Examining the Perceived Value of Certification and BSN Attainment, Maria Ojeda


The Impact of the Change in Time for Performing Vital Signs, Murielle Pariente

Cardiac Rehabilitation Enrollment Barriers of the Post Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Patients, Tracy Pencar

Troponin Testing: A Comparison of Laboratory Automatic Troponin Versus POCT Testing for Validity, Adacilis Ramirez Sardi

Effects of a Neutral Pressure Connector on Central Line Rate and Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections, Pam Sabatino-Holmes

Safe Transport of Telemetry Patients by ED RN's- Unintended Consequences, Marcia Schram

Retrospective Review of Carboplatin Dosing in a Community Hospital, Moe Shwin

Predictors of Poor Outcome in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patient After Successful Recanalization, Amy Starosciak, Italo Linfante, Gail Walker, Eugene Lin, and Guilherme Dabus


Beyond the Braden Scale: Effectiveness of a Small Group Educational Program on Neuro-Nurses' Braden Risk Assessment Scores and Number of Preventative Nursing Interventions, Lee Streater