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Submissions from 2013

Participating in Small Troubles, Adaptive resources(STAR-2) Frontline Nurses Engagement in Quality Improvement, Carolyn Lindgren


Obesity interventions: Comparing two theoretical approaches, Maria M. Ojeda

Characteristics of an Extraordinary Nurse as Defined by Nurses, Andrea Prentiss, Eve Butler, and Becky Montesino

Submissions from 2012


What Are the Characteristics of an Extraordinary Nurse as Defined by their Peers?, Eve Butler, Becky Montesino, Michelle Kirgan, and Andrea Prentiss

Exploration of Hispanic Women's Emergency Room Chief Complaints and Diagnosis during a Myocardial Infarction(MI), Tanya Cohn

Exploring the Availability, Format, and Readability of Informed Consents for Clinical trials and the Ethnicity and preferred Language of Potential Participants, Tanya Cohn


Measuring Cultural Competence in the Acute Care Setting, Susan Golembeski and Maria M. Ojeda


The clinical practice collaborative support model for the graduate nurse, Diane Kramer, Carolyn Lindgren, Christine High, Silvia Ocon, and Rosie Sanchez

Informatics, Carolyn Lindgren


Early recognition of pediatric venous thromboembolism: A risk-assessment tool, Andrea Prentiss


The EBP rollout process, Kathy Sparger, Misleydy Selgas, Patricia Collins, Carolyn Lindgren, Mary Massieu, and Angela Castillo

Submissions from 2011


Art in Alzheimer's care: promoting well-being in people with late-stage Alzheimer's disease, Carolyn Lindgren

Submissions from 2010

Verbal abuse: the words that divide impact on nurses and their perceived solutions, Tanya Cohn


Retaining an aging workforce by giving voice to older and experienced nurses, Michelle Kirgan and Susan Golembeski


Transforming to a computerized system for nursing care: organizational success within Magnet idealism, Carolyn Lindgren, Elizabeth Vidal, and Alex Vasserman


Pediatric Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Risk Assessment Tool, Andrea Prentiss

Submissions from 2007


The Refusal of Care Algorithm: Communication is Key to Safety, Andrea Prentiss

Submissions from 2000


Educating staff about pain management, Patricia Collins, Melitta Auclair, Eve Butler, Meryl Hush, Bridget Bernstein, Flor Aguirre, and Myra Huston