Submissions from 2023

Integration of an APP-based Neurocognitive Evaluation Program into Stereotactic Radiosurgery Practice: Outcomes and Patient Survey Analysis from a Prospective Observational Study, Tugce Kutuk, Cecilia Lee, Yazmin Odia, Alonso La Rosa de los Rios, Matthew Hall, Haley Appel, Michael McDermott, Manmeet Ahluwalia, Minesh Mehta, and Rupesh Kotecha

Implementation of an Interactive, Multi-Language, App-Based Neurocognitive Evaluation Program into Routine Stereotactic Radiosurgery Practice, Tugce Kutuk, Yazmin Odia, Matthew Hall, Haley Appel, Miguel Ramirez Menendez, Alexander Mohler, Michael McDermott, Manmeet Ahluwalia, Minesh Mehta, and Rupesh Kotecha

Racial disparities in clinical presentation, surgical procedures, and hospital outcomes among patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in the United States, Tugce Kutuk, Muni Rubens, Haley Appel, Michael Chuong, Adeel Kaiser, Matthew Hall, Jessika Contreras, Minesh Mehta, and Rupesh Kotecha

Surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy (STaRT) For Recurrent Brain Metastases: Initial Clinical Experience, Tugce Kutuk, Ranjini Tolakanahalli, D Jay Wieczorek, Haley Appel, Alonso Gutierrez, Alonso La Rosa de los Rios, Robert Herrera, Michael McDermott, Vitaly Siomin, Minesh Mehta, and Rupesh Kotecha

A comparative evaluation of different radiosurgery management strategies for large brain metastases: What is the optimal treatment paradigm?, Tugce Kutuk, Sreenija Yarlagadda, Ranjini Tolakanahalli, Matthew Hall, Anshul Saxena, Alonso La Rosa de los Rios, Martin Tom, D Jay Wieczorek, Cecilia Lee, Haley Appel, Michael McDermott, Manmeet Ahluwalia, Alonso Gutierrez, Minesh Mehta, Rupesh Kotecha, and Mukesh Roy

Characterization of Large Brain Metastases with 18F-Fluciclovine PET/CT Treated with Staged Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SSRS): Phase 1 Proof-of-Concept Interim Analysis, Alonso La Rosa de los Rios, Surya Chundru, Martin Tom, Tugce Kutuk, D Jay Wieczorek, Muni Rubens, Ranjini Tolakanahalli, Michael McDermott, Matthew Hall, Alonso Gutierrez, Manmeet Ahluwalia, Minesh Mehta, and Rupesh Kotecha


Temporally modulated pulsed proton re-irradiation (TMPPR) for recurrent high-grade gliomas, Alonso La Rosa de los Rios, Alonso Gutierrez, Yazmin Odia, Michael McDermott, Manmeet Ahluwalia, Minesh Mehta, and Rupesh Kotecha

Characterization of large brain metastases with 18F-Fluciclovine PET/CT treated with staged stereotactic radiosurgery (SSRS): interim analysis of a pilot study, Alonso La Rosa de los Rios, Tugce Kutuk, D Jay Wieczorek, Cecilia Lee, Ranjini Tolakanahalli, Michael McDermott, Matthew Hall, Alonso Gutierrez, Manmeet Ahluwalia, Rupesh Kotecha, and Minesh Mehta


Accelerated hypofractionated magnetic resonance-guided adaptive radiotherapy for oligoprogressive non-small cell lung cancer, Alonso La Rosa de los Rios, Kathryn Mittauer, Michael Chuong, Matthew Hall, Tugce Kutuk, Nema Bassiri-Gharb, James McCulloch, Diane Alvarez, Raul Herrera, Alonso Gutierrez, Ranjini Tolakanahalli, Minesh Mehta, and Rupesh Kotecha

Treatment of glioblastoma using MRIdian® A3i BrainTx™: Imaging and treatment workflow demonstration, Alonso La Rosa De Los Rios, Kathryn Mittauer, Amy Rzepczynski, Michael Chuong, Tugce Kutuk, Nicole McAllister, Matthew Hall, James McCulloch, Diane Alvarez, Roberto Herrera, Alonso Gutierrez, Ranjini Tolakanahalli, Yazmin Odia, Manmeet Ahluwalia, Minesh Mehta, and Rupesh Kotecha

Dosimetric Impact of Lesion Number, Size, and Volume on Mean Brain Dose with Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Multiple Brain Metastases, Alonso La Rosa De Los Rios, D Jay Wieczorek, Ranjini Tolakanahalli, Cecilia Lee, Tugce Kutuk, Matthew Hall, Michael McDermott, Minesh Mehta, Alonso Gutierrez, and Rupesh Kotecha

Central Axis Heterogeneity Correction Factors for Three Commercially Available I-125 Seed Models for COMS Eye Plaques, Cecilia Lee

Off-Axis Heterogeneity Correction Factors for Three Commercially Available I-125 Seed Models in the 16mm COMS Eye Plaque, Cecilia Lee

Profiles for small applicators ≤3 cm measured using superficial x-ray energies (50 kV – 100kV) for treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer, Cecilia Lee

Sensitivity of the SRS MapCheck® to collimator angle errors in patient-specific QA of lung SBRT treatment, Cecilia Lee

Updates from TG-263U1: New Nomenclature Standards in Brachytherapy, Adaptive Therapy, and Translations into French and Spanish, Cecilia Lee


Implementation of superficial radiation therapy (SRT) using SRT-100 Vision™ for non-melanoma skin cancer in a Radiation Oncology clinic, Cecilia Lee, Stephan Davis, William Romaguera, Vibha Chaswal, Ranjini Tolakanahalli, Alonso Gutierrez, and Noah Kalman

A study on inter-planner plan quality variability using a manual planning- or Lightning dose optimizer-approach for single brain lesions treated with the Gamma Knife(®) Icon™, Cecilia Lee, D Jay Wieczorek, Vibha Chaswal, Rupesh Kotecha, Matthew Hall, Minesh Mehta, Michael McDermott, Alonso Gutierrez, and Ranjini Tolakanahalli

Transitioning Radiation Oncology from ARIA to Cerner for Clinical Documentation, Lorrie LeGrand and Maria Valladares


Overall survival and objective response in advanced unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma: A subanalysis of the REFLECT study, Riccardo Lencioni


DUSP22-IRF4 Rearranged CD30-Positive Primary Cutaneous Lymphoproliferative Disorder With Gamma/Delta Phenotype, Yuliya Linhares


Propensity score matching analysis of laparoscopic surgery vs. open approach in 4 297 adult patients with acute appendicitis, acute cholecystitis or gastrointestinal tract perforation: a prospective multicentre study of nationwide outcomes, Nuria Lluis Vinas


Characteristics, Treatment, and Outcomes of Real-World Talazoparib-Treated Patients With Germline BRCA-Mutated Advanced HER2-Negative Breast Cancer, Reshma Mahtani


Real-World Study of Regional Differences in Patient Demographics, Clinical Characteristics, and BRCA1/2 Mutation Testing in Patients with Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Negative Advanced Breast Cancer in the United States, Europe, and Israel, Reshma Mahtani

Radiotherapy Use and Incidence of Locoregional Recurrence in Patients With Favorable-Risk, Node-Positive Breast Cancer Enrolled in the SWOG S1007 Trial, Reshma Mahtani and Youssef Zeidan

"Multi-institutional Experience of Definitive Proton Therapy for Osteosarcoma Acute Toxicities and Outcomes", Keitrina Mair, Katherine Von Werne, Noah Kalman, Michael Chuong, Matthew Hall, and Robert Press


Estimated Prevalence, Tumor Spectrum, and Neurofibromatosis Type 1-Like Phenotype of CDKN2A-Related Melanoma-Astrocytoma Syndrome, Arelis Martir-Negron and Yazmin Odia

AI-Assisted Fully Automated Applicator Digitization for Streamlining High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy Planning in Gynecological Cancer, Kristen McConnell

Experience of Implementing Quality and Plan Assessments for Online Adaptive RT, Kristen McConnell

Dosimetric evaluation of prototype non-metallic breast expander for intensity modulated proton therapy ​, Kristen McConnell, Zachary Fellows, Joseph Panoff, Eduardo Pons, Alonso Gutierrez, Andrew Wroe, and Ryan Zielan

The Anatomy and Evolution of a Quality Proton Plan Check Process: An Institutional Review, Kristen McConnell, Zachary Fellows, Maria Valladares, Lorrie LeGrand, Alonso Gutierrez, and Andrew Wroe

Implementation of a TG-224 Compliant, Web-Based QA Program for a Modern Proton Therapy Center, Kristen McConnell, Eduardo Pons, Alonso Gutierrez, Andrew Wroe, and Victor Chirinos


Evaluating the Efficacy of Virtual Rounds on Hospitalized Stroke Patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Victoria McCue, Michelle Smith, Sonia George, Julia Caballero, Sarah Cano, and Andrea Castillo


A framework for standardised tissue sampling and processing during resection of diffuse intracranial glioma: joint recommendations from four RANO groups, Minesh Mehta

An Update on NRG Trials of Hippocampal Avoidance, Minesh Mehta


Benchmarking the Radiation Oncology Alternative Payment Model (RO-APM): Changes in Medicare Reimbursement for 16 Common Radiation Therapy Treatment Courses, Minesh Mehta

Correcting the drug development paradigm for glioblastoma requires serial tissue sampling, Minesh Mehta

Current drug development and trial designs in neuro-oncology: report from the first American Society of Clinical Oncology and Society for Neuro-Oncology Clinical Trials Conference, Minesh Mehta

Depatuxizumab-mafodotin in EGFR-amplified newly diagnosed glioblastoma: a phase III randomized clinical trial, Minesh Mehta

Developing an AI-assisted planning pipeline for hippocampal avoidance whole brain radiotherapy, Minesh Mehta

Great Debates: Fractionated vs. Staged SRT for Brain Metastases, Minesh Mehta

Great Debates: Preopertavive vs. Postopertaive SRS for Brain Metastases, Minesh Mehta

How Does the Updated WHO Classification System of Gliomas Impact our Recommendations for Radiation Dose and Technology in 2023?, Minesh Mehta

Innovative Radiation Techniques, Minesh Mehta

Keynote: Future of Proton Therapy, Minesh Mehta

Low-Dose Whole Brain Radiation Therapy for Alzheimer's Dementia: Results From a Pilot Trial in Humans, Minesh Mehta


Low-risk meningioma: Initial outcomes from NRG Oncology/RTOG 0539, Minesh Mehta

Meta-Analysis of Rates and Risk Factors for Local Recurrence in Surgically Resected Patients With NSCLC and Differences Between Asian and Non-Asian Populations, Minesh Mehta

NRG Oncology/RTOG1205: A Randomized Phase II Trial of Concurrent Bevacizumab and Reirradiation Versus Bevacizumab Alone as Treatment for Recurrent Glioblastoma, Minesh Mehta

NRG/RTOG 0837: Randomized, phase II, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of chemoradiation with or without cediranib in newly diagnosed glioblastoma, Minesh Mehta

Proton Therapy for CNS and Leptomeningeal Indications, Minesh Mehta

Radiosurgery for Gliomas, Minesh Mehta

Radiosurgery in Clinical Practice, Minesh Mehta

Radiosurgery: What are the Questions we Should be Asking?, Minesh Mehta


RANO 2.0: Update to the Response Assessment in Neuro-Oncology Criteria for High- and Low-Grade Gliomas in Adults, Minesh Mehta

SM: RANO 2.0: Proposal for an Update to the Response Assessment in Neuro-Oncology (RANO) Criteria for High- and Low-Grade Gliomas in Adults, Minesh Mehta

Sustained Preservation of Cognition and Prevention of Patient-Reported Symptoms With Hippocampal Avoidance During Whole-Brain Radiation Therapy for Brain Metastases: Final Results of NRG Oncology CC001, Minesh Mehta


The Rationale for Radiation Therapy in Alzheimer's Disease, Minesh Mehta

Updates in CNS Malignancies, Minesh Mehta

National Cancer Institute Collaborative Workshop on Shaping the Landscape of Brain Metastases Research: challenges and recommended priorities, Minesh Mehta, Manmeet Ahluwalia, and Rupesh Kotecha

Clinical Efficacy of ONC201 in H3K27M-Mutant Diffuse Midline Gliomas Is Driven by Disruption of Integrated Metabolic and Epigenetic Pathways, Minesh Mehta, Matthew Hall, Doured Daghistani, and Yazmin Odia


A Multi-Institutional Phase 2 Trial of Ablative 5-Fraction Stereotactic Magnetic Resonance-Guided On-Table Adaptive Radiation Therapy for Borderline Resectable and Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer, Kathryn Mittauer and Michael Chuong

A Multi-Institutional Phase II Trial of Ablative 5-Fraction Stereotactic MR-Guided On-Table Adaptive Radiation Therapy for Borderline Resectable and Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer, Kathryn Mittauer and Michael Chuong

Initial Assessment of Adaptive Pancreas SBRT Treatment Efficiency using ViewRay MRIdian A3i, Kathryn Mittauer, Robert Herrera, James McCulloch, Diane Alvarez, Ranjini Tolakanahalli, Adeel Kaiser, Matthew Hall, Rupesh Kotecha, Minesh Mehta, Michael Chuong, and Nema Bassiri-Gharb

A novel multi-task hybrid deep neural network (DNN) predicts tumor progression during MRgRT, Kathryn Mittauer and Rupesh Kotecha


Online adaptive radiotherapy: Assessment of planning technique and its impact on longitudinal plan quality robustness in pancreatic cancer, Kathryn Mittauer, Sreenija Yarlagadda, John Bryant, Tino Romaguera, Andres Gomez, Robert Herrera, Rupesh Kotecha, Minesh Mehta, Alonso Gutierrez, and Michael Chuong

Theoretical maximum lateral target thickness for Intensity-modulated vaginal brachytherapy, Marc Morcos

Impact of bladder fill change: What happens when you’re not looking?, Marc Morcos and Yonatan Weiss


Acupuncture vs Massage for Pain in Patients Living With Advanced Cancer: The IMPACT Randomized Clinical Trial, Zunli Mo


Multicenter Phase II Clinical Trial of Gemcitabine and Cisplatin as Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Patients With High-Grade Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma, Antonio Muina

Access & Coverage through Treatment Administration, Adherence & Compliance, Morgan Nestingen


Leveraging Technology to Achieve Excellence in Oral Oncolytic Management, Morgan Nestingen and Marguerite Rowell


Improving Oral Oncolytic Education and Consent Compliance by Adding Oncology Nursing Support, Morgan Nestingen, Marguerite Rowell, Yamile Leon, Tania Silva Santos, Cindy Byrd, and Barbara Matias

Promoting New Knowledge and Innovation: Designing, Implementing, Disseminating, and Expanding Nursing Science Using a Nursing Research Fellowship, Morgan Nestingen and Nohemi Sadule Rios


Radiation induced taste changes in head and neck cancer - differential impact of treatment factors, Tiffany Nong, Tammy Medrano, Muni Rubens, Adeel Kaiser, and Noah Kalman


Prognostic Value of Systematic Inflammatory Response in Pancreatic Cancer Patients Receiving Ablative Stereotactic MR-guided Adaptive RT, Oreoluwa Olorunlogbon, Robert Herrera, and Michael Chuong


Low Risk Of Fracture Using A Cementless Triple-tapered Collared Femoral Stem With Automated Impaction In Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Arthroplasty, Chukwuemeka Osondu, Carlos Fernandez-Ppeaguda, Yvette Hernandez, Alexander van der Ven, Giovanni Paraliticci, Juan Suarez, and Charles Lawrie


Reducing the environmental impact of surgery on a global scale: systematic review and co-prioritization with healthcare workers in 132 countries, Ahmad Ozair


The US Residency Selection Process After the United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 1 Pass/Fail Change: Overview for Applicants and Educators, Ahmad Ozair

Who coauthors Cochrane Reviews related to genitourinary cancers? A 1998-2022 analysis of country and gender diversity, Ahmad Ozair

17-year Experience of Operative Management of Intradural Extramedullary (IDEM) Tumors: Clinical Outcomes from a Low- and Middle-Income Country, Ahmad Ozair and Manmeet Ahluwalia

DNAR-05: Exceptional Responders to Base Excision Repair (BER) Inhibition for Recurrent Glioblastoma Display Enrichment for DNA Damage Response Pathways: RNA Sequencing Analysis from a Multicenter Trial, Ahmad Ozair and Manmeet Ahluwalia

IMMU-02. Is Dual Agent Immunotherapy Shifting the Epidemiology of Melanoma Brain Metastases? A Real-World Analysis and Single-Institution Validation, Ahmad Ozair and Manmeet Ahluwalia

Country and Gender Diversity in Authorship of Cochrane Reviews Related to Spine: A 1998-2022 Analysis., Ahmad Ozair, Manmeet Ahluwalia, and Shreyas Bellur


Authorship Diversity in Global Evidence Synthesis in Urology: 1998-2022 Analysis of Cochrane Reviews, Ahmad Ozair, Atulya Khosla, and Manmeet Ahluwalia


Immune Checkpoint Inhibition and Single Fraction Stereotactic Radiosurgery in Brain Metastases from Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: An International Multicenter Study of 395 Patients, Ahmad Ozair, Atulya Khosla, and Manmeet Ahluwalia

IMMU-34 Systemic Immune Suppression in Glioblastoma is Targeted by Concurrent VEGF and PD-1 Inhibition in a Dose-Dependent Manner: Transcriptomic Findings Through CITE-Seq from a Randomized Controlled Trial, Ahmad Ozair, Atulya Khosla, Shreyas Bellur, Michael McDermott, and Manmeet Ahluwalia

Surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy (START) for Recurrent Glioblastoma: Initial Outcomes from a Prospective Multicenter Registry, Ahmad Ozair, Atulya Khosla, Rupesh Kotecha, Michael McDermott, and Manmeet Ahluwalia


DNA Methylation and Histone Modification in Low-Grade Gliomas: Current Understanding and Potential Clinical Targets, Ahmad Ozair, Atulya Khosla, Rupesh Kotecha, Yazmin Odia, Michael McDermott, and Manmeet Ahluwalia


First- versus Third-Generation EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in EGFR-Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients with Brain Metastases, Ahmad Ozair, Atulya Khosla, Shreya Saxena, and Manmeet Ahluwalia

Diploic Bone Channel Drilling Facilitates Dissection of the Midline Dura and Protects the Superior Sagittal Sinus in Hyperostosis Frontalis Interna, Ahmad Ozair and Michael McDermott

Neurosurgeon's Ode to Meningiomas, Ahmad Ozair and Michael McDermott

Implementation Outcomes of Strategies to Promote Short-Course Radiation for Nonspine Bone Metastases in an Academic-Community Partnership – Survey Results from the ALIGNMENT Trial, Joseph Panoff

Dosimetric evaluation of a novel non-metallic dual port expander for proton therapy, Joseph Panoff, Zachary Fellows, Andrew Wroe, and Kristen McConnell


Post-mastectomy radiation therapy in HER-2 positive breast cancer after primary systemic therapy: Pooled analysis of TRYPHAENA and NeoSphere trials, Joseph Panoff and Youssef Zeidan

Baptist Health Center for Research: Elevating Care Through Discovery, Paul Papagni, Lara Arias, Amanda Coltes-Rojas, Draco Forte, Devica Samsundar, and Deborah Suarez


Irreversible electroporation as a focal therapy for localized prostate cancer: A systematic review, Pushan Prabhakar, Arjun Pon Avudaiappan, Ahmed Eldefrawy, Jorge Caso, Govindarajan Narayanan, and Murugesan Manoharan


Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection in Octogenarians who Underwent Radical Cystectomy for Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer, Pushan Prabhakar, Armin Ghomeshi, Ahmed Elderfrawy, Jorge Caso, and Murugesan Manoharan


Clinical outcomes and toxicities of 100 patients treated with proton therapy for chordoma on the proton collaborative group prospective registry, Robert Press


Risk Factors and Management of Prosthetic Joint Infections in Megaprostheses-A Review of the Literature, Juan Pretell