Submissions from 2017


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Submissions from 2014

Etiology of Surgical Wound Dehiscence in the Lower Extremity, Daniel Cairns and Jason Hanft

Methodology for Management of Lower Extremity Wound Dehiscence, Jason Hanft

Submissions from 2013

Essential Principles In Treating Diabetic Forefoot Ulcers, Jason Hanft, Daniel Hall, and Mikkel Jarman

Submissions from 2012

Improving Diabetic Wound Care Outcomes: A Practical Guide, Jason Hanft

Submissions from 2010


Consensus recommendations on advancing the standard of care for treating neuropathic foot ulcers in patients with diabetes, Jason Hanft


How To Prevent Periwound Maceration With VAC Therapy, Jason Hanft and Maribel Henao

Submissions from 2009


Topical Leptospermum honey (Medihoney) in recalcitrant venous leg wounds: a preliminary case series, Tanisha Smith, Kennedy Legel, and Jason Hanft

Submissions from 1998


Acral lentiginous melanoma, Eric Harmelin, Ronica Holcombe, John Goggin, Jaime Carbonell, and Tatiana Wellens

Submissions from 1997


Wound management in the diabetic foot, Jason Hanft

Angioleiomyoma of the lower extremity, Jason Hanft, Jaime Carbonell, and H.Q. Do

Submissions from 1992


Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, Kevin Supple, Jason Hanft, Brian Murphy, and Chet Janecki