Books from 2024


Comparative Analysis of Postoperative Pain Management: Bupivacaine Liposomal versus Standard Treatment for Hysterectomy and Shoulder Surgery, Brittany Picardi, Natalie Mella, Adrienne Anderson, and Kyle Mains

Books from 2022


Pain Management in Post-Amputee Patients, Genesis Garcia, Kerlina Marcelin, Katiana Desarmes, Jessica Little, and Saint L. Manuel

Submissions from 2020

Cancer Pain Management, Patricia Jacobs

Submissions from 2019

Resident Knowledge and Perception of Undergraduate Medical School Curriculum Regarding Pain Management, Florida Atlantic University Affiliates

Submissions from 2017


Pain Protocol: To improve pain management in the acute care setting, Elizabeth Cerdeira, Lauren Rodriguez, Mariosis Matias, Melissa Granada, Tarrah Kallusingh, and Valerie Juarez


Inpatient Pain Management, Anel Chirino, Kelly Vasquez, Liliana Quezada, Skarlet Santana, Yensly Gonzalez Carrazana, and Vanessa Castellanos

Submissions from 2016


Use of Low-Dose Ketamine for Pain Management in an Emergency Department, Joseph Ladd

The Facts About Effectively Managing Intractable Cancer Pain, Moises Lustgarten

Pain Management in Chronic Illness, Zulmarie Ortiz Rivera

What’s in Your Hologram?, Albert Ray

Submissions from 2015


Pain Management of Medical-Surgical Patients at Homestead Hospital: The Role of Nurse-Patient Communication, Dianne Crabtree, Kathy Gruny, Kimberly Figueroa, Veronica Zamoyski, Carrie Bilek, Rachael Rodriguez, and Luchie Anne Dwyer


Use of Low-Dose Ketamine for Pain Management in an Emergency Department, Joseph Ladd and Winifred Pardo

Neuroplasticity, Sensitization and Pain Perception, Albert Ray

Submissions from 2014

Implications of Post Operative Pain Management, Albert Ray

Submissions from 2011


Procedural pain management: a position statement with clinical practice recommendations, Patricia Collins

Submissions from 2000


Neonatal circumcision and pain management, Nancy Burke


Educating staff about pain management, Patricia Collins, Melitta Auclair, Eve Butler, Meryl Hush, Bridget Bernstein, Flor Aguirre, and Myra Huston

Submissions from 1999


Improving pain management in your health care organization, Patricia Collins