Submissions from 2020


Association of contrast and acute kidney injury in the critically ill: A propensity matched study, Lisa-Mae Williams, Gail Walker, James Loewenherz, and Louis Gidel

Submissions from 2014

Association between Severity of Anemia and 30-Day Readmission Rate: Archival Data of 847 Patients with Acute Decompensated Heart Failure, Jorge Busse, Tanya Cohn, Rosalina Butao, and Julie Lamoureux

Submissions from 2013


Moral distress among healthcare professionals at a health system, Rose Allen, Tanya Cohn, Rosemary Lee, Raul De Velasco, Edwina Forges, Laurel Clark, and Maggie Procunier

Submissions from 1998


Management of the patient with ESRD after withdrawal from dialysis, Raul De Velasco