Submissions from 2018

Comprehensive Treatment of Scars and Other Abnormalities of Wound Healing, Jill Waibel


Mesothelial Stem Cells and Stromal Vascular Fraction for Skin Rejuvenation, Jill Waibel

Submissions from 2017


Laser-Assisted Delivery to Treat Facial Scars, Jill Waibel


Laser Modulation of Hypertrophic Scars: Technique and Practice, Jill Waibel

Submissions from 2016

Aesthetic Practice: Past, Present and Future, Shevanti Manjula Jegasothy

Body Contouring: Kybella® Bra Line, Shevanti Manjula Jegasothy

Platelet Rich Plasma vs Radiofrequency vs Ulthera® for Skin Tightening, Shevanti Manjula Jegasothy

Laser-Assisted Delivery: Using Laser Channels to Disrupt Cutaneous Barrier, Jill Waibel

Management of Hypertrophic and Keloidal Acne Scars, Jill Waibel

New Techniques for Cosmetic Procedures, Jill Waibel

Procedural Skills for Rehab and Reconstruction, Jill Waibel

Surgical and Burn Scar Management, Jill Waibel

What’s Newest and Greatest in Lasers?, Jill Waibel

Submissions from 2015

Is It Skin Cancer? How to Perform a Skin Cancer Assessment, Arthur Colsky

Novel Ways to Use Aesthetic Lasers, Shevanti Manjula Jegasothy

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Current trends and future considerations in scar treatment, Jill Waibel

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Scar Wars: Winning with Lasers, Jill Waibel

Submissions from 2014

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Making Facelifts Obsolete?, Shevanti Manjula Jegasothy

A New Hope: Laser and Laser-Assisted Delivery for Treatment of Scars, Jill Waibel

Dermatology in Trauma Rehabilitation, Jill Waibel


Fractional Devices, Jill Waibel


Resurfacing, Jill Waibel

Surgical, Laser and Other Treatments of Scars, Jill Waibel

Submissions from 2013

Best Cosmetic Dermatology Practice Pearls 2012, Shevanti M Jegasothy

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Neurotoxins of the Future, Shevanti M Jegasothy