Scope: To characterize diet-dependent miRNA profiles and their targets in the visceral adipose of mice withpolygenic susceptibility to type 2 diabetes.

Methods and results: Six-week NONcNZO10/LtJ (NZ10) and control SWR/J mice were subjected to highprotein-fish oil or control diets for 19 weeks and micro-RNA microarray analyses were implemented on visceraladipose RNA. We found that 27 miRNAs were significantly induced and 10 significantly repressed in the VA ofobese NZ10 mice compared with controls. 12 selected regulated miRNAs were confirmed by RT-PCR based on themicroarray data and we demonstrated that the expression of these miRNAs remained unaltered in the VA of controlSWR mice. To assess the possible functional roles of miRNAs in adipogenesis, we also analyzed their expressionin 3T3-L1 cells during growth and differentiation. This revealed that suppression of miRNA-205 alone correlatedselectively with increased cell proliferation and lipid formation of adipocytes.

Conclusion: Diet and genetics control the expression of obesity-regulated miRNAs in the visceral adipose ofNZ10 mice.

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