Baptist Health Center for Research: Elevating Care Through Discovery

Paul Papagni

• Establishing a Comprehensive Model for Supporting Research Growth and Innovation.
• How Transforming Research Operations Increases Understanding and Compliance.
• IRB Application Submission and Compliance Processes: Getting It Right the First Time.
• From Concept to Completion: Development Pipeline of Physician-initiated Research Projects.
• Refining Your Innovative Ideas and Disseminating the Outcomes.
• Understanding Study Startup, Financials and Billing Compliance.


The Center for Research provided an introduction to its services, operations and quality assurance initiatives for standardizing the conduct of research and post-approval monitoring.
The presentations provided an overview of Baptist Health's requirements for conducting human subjects research and maintaining compliance with research requirements, the steps required to begin a physician-initiated research project, how to access and utilize the resources and services that are available from the CR-LARS team and the role and scope of the Office of Research Administration at Baptist Health through study closeout.