Recurrent meningiomas remain a substantial treatment challenge given the lack of effective therapeutic options aside from surgery and radiation therapy, which yield limited results in the retreatment situation. Systemic therapies have little effect, and responses are rare; the search for effective systemic therapeutics remains elusive. In this case report, we provide data regarding significant responses in two radiographically diagnosed intracranial meningiomas in a patient with concurrent thyroid carcinoma treated with cabozantinib, an oral multitarget tyrosine kinase inhibitor with potent activity against MET and VEGF receptor 2. Given the clinical experience supporting the role of VEGF agents as experimental therapeutics in meningioma and the current understanding of the biological pathways underlying meningioma growth, this may represent a new oral therapeutic alternative, warranting prospective evaluation.

Keywords: VEGF; cabozantinib; meningioma; targeted therapy.

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