Volumetric repainting is considered as one of the techniques for motion mitigation in proton therapy. Faster layer switching time to deliver a volumetric repainting proton plan is very critical to reduce the overall treatment time. Recently, IBA (proton therapy vendor at the Miami Cancer Institute) has implemented a "field regulation" – a new feature to reduce the switching time between layers by applying a magnetic field setpoint to specific groups of magnets. In order to investigate the impact of field regulation and volumetric repainting technique on the spot size, several spot maps were generated. The spot sizes were measured at the isocenter and four off-axis points using the Lynx 2D scintillation detector. The average difference in spot size between two delivery sequences ("down" vs. "up" directions) for given energy at all five locations was 0.6±0.5%. The measurement results from the current study demonstrated that the impact of field regulation on the spot size was very minimal, and this was true for both the volumetric and non-volumetric techniques on a ProteusPLUS proton system with a PBS dedicated nozzle.

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