Melanocytic schwannoma is a rare nerve tumor characterized by melanin-producing neoplastic Schwann cells. Wide surgical resection is the management of choice for this tumor; however, anatomical location and proximity to nerve roots can make locating this tumor and the surgical resection challenging. Here we describe the case of 49-year-old male with a melanocytic schwannoma in the presacral area adjacent to the second sacral nerve root that was managed by wide resection aided by computer-assisted navigation due to the difficulty in identifying its location intraoperatively. The utilization of computer-assisted navigation improves accuracy and precision through the creation of a virtual continuous tridimensional map, particularly useful when oftentimes tumor margins may seem equivocal and further resection would compromise the patient's functionality. The value of computer-assisted navigation for soft tissue tumor resections in orthopedic oncology is still in its infancy, though, in certain scenarios it may advance the technique for some soft tissue resections.

Keywords: Computer-assisted navigation; Melanocytic schwannoma.

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