The integration of tele-ICU into ICU practice has transformed ICU operations, patient care, and patient experience. The objectives of this podium talk are to: 1) describe the integration of tele-ICU into ICU practice, 2) discuss the benefits of operational efficiencies, 3) describe the benefits to patient care outcomes, 4) discern challenges to empirical designs, and 5) interpret the value of investment. Specifically, we will cover the key benefits of tele-ICU and ICU resource optimization, including safety, staffing, and analytics. We will cover how telehealth drives positive patient outcomes and strengthens the integration of clinical services. For example, applications specific to progressive care and tele-home care will be discussed. Further, tele-ICU provides the ability to predict and prevent, as opposed to recognize and respond. This heighted state of readiness can be attributed to utilizing data-dependent and information-centric telehealth to optimize interventions (e.g., computed decision support tools). With the abundance of available tele-ICU data, there are opportunities to examine national databases. We discuss existing research paradigms, research approaches to carry the connected health ecosystem into the future, and challenges to empirical designs and data collection that should be considered. We conclude our talk with exploring the value of investing in tele-ICU's, including value proposition, regulatory influencers, and sustainable telehealth programs.

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14th Annual BHSF Research Conference

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