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Purpose: The literature shows strong association of abnormal sleep duration with obesity and increased CVD morbidity and mortality, but less is known how abnormal sleep duration is related to obesity among different racial groups. The purpose of this study is to predict relationship of self-reported sleep duration with obesity across different racial groups.

Methods: Annual Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is done at Baptist Health South Florida for all employees. The data collected was from HRA 2014. According to CDC.gov, we categorized self-reported sleep duration (hrs) as short (<7), reference (≥7-≤9) and long sleep (>9), while obesity (BMI kg/m2) was categorized as class 1 (BMI=30-34.9), class 2(BMI= 35- <40) and class 3 (BMI ≥40).

Findings: Total study population consisted n=9701; 74% female; mean age 42.6±12 yrs. Racial groups were 57% Hispanics,16% Black, 17%White,5% Asian and 5% Non-Hispanic-other. In fully adjusted model, when compared to Hispanic group sleeping 7-9 hours(reference), odd of class 1 obesity was higher among black sleeping <7hrs; however, the odds of class 2 and class 3 obesity were significantly higher among Hispanic, Black, White and Non-Hispanic-other sleeping <7 hrs. Asian group was the only group that showed decreased odds of obesity across any sleep duration.

Discussion: Current study shows that sleep durations have varied effects on obesity among different races. Short or long sleep duration for one group may not be a better predictor of obesity in another racial group. Further studies are needed to revise the current sleep duration categories among various races.

Implications for Practice: Disturbances in regular sleep habits are associated with increased cardiovascular disease and overall morbidity and mortality. This is responsibility of family physicians to educate patients about the importance of regular sleep habits.

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2018 West Kendall Baptist Hospital Scholarly Showcase

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