Purpose: To determine if the diffusion of a citrus blend of essential oils in the ED will have an effect on the staff’s perception of workplace stress, compassion fatigue, burn out, and staff call-outs. The goal was to create a healthier work environment that would increases staff satisfaction and productivity and ultimately impact patient outcomes.

Methods: A quasi-experimental study using pre, 2-week post, and 4-week post cross-sectional survey data collection. All ED staff were invited to participate. We included a screening question in order to determine if potential participants were exposed to the aromatherapy over the two-week period.

Results/Findings: One of the selection criteria was to have worked 6 shifts during the last 2 weeks. If we consider only those subjects, there were 39 respondents at baseline for this study, 15 at the 2 weeks follow-up and 13 at the 4 weeks follow-up for a total of 67 participants. When comparing the baseline, 2 week follow-up, and 4 week follow-up, there was no statistically significant differences in compassion satisfaction or workplace stress. There was no significant difference in the rate of staff call-outs before and after the implementation. Although not statistically significant, there was an increase in compassion satisfaction and decrease in workplace stress at the 2 week follow-up.

Implications for Practice: The feedback from staff varied. Yet, since the completion of the study and awareness of the availability of the essential oils, staff members have sought us out for individual use of the oils during working hours. This suggests future opportunities such as a stress relieving cabinet where staff can freely go to use an essential oil to promote health and wellbeing while at work.

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11th Annual BHSF Research Conference

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Becky Maya, BSN, RN, CPEN

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Eleni Miralles BSN, RN, CEN

Katrina Lino MSN, RN, CEN

Monica Duart BSN, RN, CEN

Julie A. Lamoureux, DMD, MSc

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