Background: Adoption of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) includes Electronic-prescribing (e-scripts) as part of the Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). E-prescribing is a system which provides the ability for physicians to electronically send a prescription directly to the pharmacies reducing errors in transcriptions. According to the CMS Electronic Health Record Incentive Program website, hospitals will be required to transmit more than 10 percent of all hospital discharge medication orders for permissible prescriptions electronically to pharmacies using a certified EMR technology; and failure to meet the requirements may result in financial penalties.

After the initial implementation at Homestead Hospital, only 4 out of 45 Health Care Providers (HCPs) utilized the e-script system. This triggered the Meaningful Use (MU) team to conduct a Performance Improvement (PI) project to improve the use of e-scripts and thus obtain the minimal 10 percent required by CMS. Plan To identify barriers that prevent HCPs utilization of electronic-prescribing and to increase the e-script compliance rate to over 20% for all inpatient discharge prescriptions. Barriers were identified as lack of education, lack of trust for the system, no pharmacy listed, and no insurance. Do One to one training to increase competence and confidence amongst HCPs. Collect data on percentage of pharmacy entry and implement strategies to increase pharmacy selection. Verify e-scripts were received by retail pharmacies and communicated confirmations results to HCP. Collaborate a plan with stakeholders for patients without insurance. Collect data on e-prescribing compliance rates. Check Audit continuously the progress of e-prescribing, education, and positive reinforcement. Outcome/Act Electronic-prescription rates increased to above 20% for all inpatients discharged from HH within the first three months. Results of PI project to be disseminate.

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11th Annual BHSF Research Conference

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Rosa Filomeno MSN, RN, CMSRN

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Jessy Varkey MSN, RN

Larissa C. Vega BSN, CMSRN, CPHQ

Kathie C. Trivett BSN, CCRN

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