Immediate Debriefing in Simulation: A Mobile Video Playback System


Mariners Hospital (MH) initiated high-fidelity simulation for emergency mock code scenarios in 2012. Debriefing is an essential component in conjunction to healthcare simulation for advancing and promoting positive patient outcomes (Levett-Jones and Lapkin, 2014). Debriefing allows the trainees to discuss education and validate competency through interactive collaborative discussion (McGaghie, Issenberg, Petrusa, & Scalese, 2010). As a result of having a limited simulation environment when conducting a simulation session there was not an efficient method to provide immediate playback video debriefing instead an oral method of debriefing was completed. Video playback debriefing provides exact descriptive representation of simulation point (Arafeh, Hansen, & Nichols, 2010)

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11th Annual BHSF Research Conference

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Poster Presentation

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Tania Kalogeras, BSN, RN

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