Patient’s Ease of Use, Comfort, and Satisfaction with the Female Urinal


Problem and Purpose: Female orthopedic patients are normally forced to ask for assistance when they need to urinate using a bedpan. This can be not only painful and uncomfortable but also stressful and embarrassing when having to be dependent on others. Our purpose was to assess the ease of use, comfort level, and recommendations for use of the female urinal.

Sample: Female orthopedic patients who had been issued a female urinal were asked to participate. The overall response rate was 64%.

Methods: Female patients issued the urinals were approached using a verbal script prepared for this study. If interested, the patient was given a cover letter and 6 question survey (English or Spanish) to place in a secured lock box being carried by the investigator once completed.

Results: Descriptive statistics show that of the 32 participants, the mean age was 67.45. The survey was completed in English (53.1%) or in Spanish (46.9%). If the participant indicated they had used both a typical bedpan and a female urinal, 81.5% found the female urinal to be more comfortable. A total of 90.6% of the respondents indicated that they would recommend the female urinal over using a bedpan.

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11th Annual BHSF Research Conference

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Adriel Rodriguez, BSN, RN, CMSRN

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