The purpose of this study was to compare the safety and efficacy of laparoscopic appendectomy versus open appendectomy at Baptist Hospital in Miami, Florida.


A retrospective review was performed on all appendectomies performed at Baptist Hospital from October 1, 1994 to September 30, 1995. There were a total of 244 cases; 137 open appendectomies and 107 laparoscopic appendectomies. The cases were reviewed with regard to pathology, operating time, length of hospital stay and complications.


The pathologic findings at surgery were similar for the two groups. Concomitant pathology was more likely to be found laparoscopically than in open surgery. There was a greater percentage of ruptured appendices in surgery done via the open method. Operative time was slightly longer, but complications were less in the laparoscopic group. Length of stay was lower in the laparoscopic appendectomy group.


Although very similar, our method of appendectomy favors the laparoscopic technique.

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