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Abstract WMP51: Estimates of Trends in 30 Days Readmission Among Patients With Stroke in the United States, 2010-2015
Anshul Saxena, Muni Rubens, Sankalp Das, Joseph Salami, Peter McGranaghan, and Emir Veledar


Abstract WMP93: Addressing Stroke Patient and Family Reasons for Not Calling 911
Maygret Ramirez, Rodney Bedgio, Virginia Ramos, Ivis Gonzalez, Yaima Miro Gonzalez, Amy Starosciak, Daniel D'Amour, Jayme Strauss, and Felipe De Los Rios La Rosa


Outcomes Comparison of Enculturating Advance Directives Process at a Health System
Rose Allen, Tanya Cohn, Christine Edozie, Susan Howard, and Patricia McCrink


A practical guide to orthopaedic surgery away rotation success
William Davis, John Uribe, and Gautam Yagnik


Nurses' Perception of Unit-Based Competency Assessment Compared to Traditional Skills Fair
Solimar Figueroa, Judith Bowling, Roberto Roman Laporte, Tanya Cohn, and Jose Irizarry


Iliotibial band friction syndrome: MR imaging findings
Keith Hechtman, John Uribe, and Harlan Selesnick

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