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The Effect Of Biological Sex On A County Prehospital Stroke Initiative
Star Belnap and Felipe De Los Rios La Rosa


Stroke Severity Scales Do Not Predict Adverse Hospital Outcome Variables In Young Stroke Patients: Results From A RegionalStroke Center Of Excellence
Felipe De Los Rios La Rosa, Donna Lee Armaignac, Venkataraghavan Ramamoorthy, Muni Rubens, Star Belnap, Amy Starosciak, and Maygret Ramirez


Evaluating the Diagnostic Performance of Leptomeningeal Diagnosis with CNSide™ Compared to Standard Cytology
Haley Appel, Anshul Saxena PhD, Rupesh Kotecha, Alexander Mohler, Matthew Hall, Manmeet Ahluwalia, Minesh Mehta, Yazmin Odia, and Serguei Castaneda

*Updated as of 05/31/23.