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Patient Safety Compass - Volume 9, Issue 11
Baptist Health South Florida Patient Safety


A Clinical Trial-Related Workload Tool for Research Managers
Belinda Boulanger, Deborah Suarez, Muni Rubens, and Liz Urgell


Value of PCR as a de-escalation tool for an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program at a Community-based hospital
Wilbert Fuerte, Jorge Mejia, Winifred Pardo, Patricia Yulkowski, and Silvia Costales


Let's Get Code Ready!
Nikki Dudley and Zaneta Wylazlowska


A Step-Wise Approach to Managing Post-Operative Pain
Mary Massieu, Teena McGuinness, Martha Gaitan, Edlina Hilson, Julie David, Rosemary Lee, Victoria McCue, and James Adefisoye


Impact of educational campaign on the timely initiation of mechanical venous thromboembolism prophylaxis
Angie De La Cruz, Cherylyn Jauregui, Chianta Allen, Ruth Mangana, Yenny Giraldo, and Michelle Smith


Preoperative factors related to delayed discharge after total knee arthroplasty removal from inpatient-only list
Juan Carlos Suarez, Giovanni Paraliticci, William Arguelles, and Priscilla Rivera


Addressing Stroke Patient and Family Reasons for Not Calling 911
Maygret Ramirez, Rodney Bedgio, and Virginia Ramos

*Updated as of 11/21/19.