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The goal of this process improvement initiative is to reduce hospital-acquired pressure injuries related to Covid-19 with Critical Care patients. Critically ill and ventilated patients require prone position therapy and prolonged ventilator times place the patient at risk for hospital acquired conditions and pressure injuries. The Critical Care team created a Critical Care Admission Pressure Injury Prevention Cart that contains preventative dressings for all pressure areas at risk.

The Critical Care Admission Pressure Injury Prevention Cart has significantly reduced the pressure injury rate. With the emergence of the pandemic and additional surges, pressure injuries continued to be on the rise due to prone position therapy. The Critical Care team worked with the system and developed prone position protocols, which included preventative dressings for all areas at risk.

Prior to the implementation of the admission cart, Critical Care ended fiscal year 2022, quarter one, with fifty-three hospital acquired pressure injuries. Last December and early January 2022 there was another surge of Covid-19. The Critical Care team implemented the admission cart in January 2022. From January 2022 through September 2022, there has been an 98% reduction. The cart has been successful for Critical Care, and Baptist Hospital implemented the cart in all high acuity areas. This cart was a multidisciplinary practice, which consists of nursing, the wound and skin team, respiratory care, and leadership working together towards the goal of patient safety and pressure injury prevention.

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