Author! Author! is an annual event held by the Library since 1979. It takes place early in April, during National Library Week, and it focuses on celebrating the publication endeavors of our Baptist Health South Florida staff. BHSF publications are regularly uploaded to the Scholarly Commons, our institutional repository. During the event the authors receive ribbons, door prizes, they get showcased on the Library Newsletter, attend presentations and enjoy raffles, games, and networking.  The event transitioned to the online environment during the pandemic.

Please join us in exploring the pictorial history of the Author! Author! event and past Library Newsletters.

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Author! Author! Archival Photos
Author! Author! Archival Photos
Baptist Library Timeline

Explore works published by Baptist authors from 1979 to 1991 at Scholarly Commons.


Author! Author! 2022 was a major success. Due to the pandemic, the event was fully remote via zoom. Authors and other Baptist staff were able to spend time online together to celebrate each other and their accomplishments. To continue with the tradition, green and yellow ribbons were mailed out to Baptist authors. In 2022, this archive was created to preserve and share the long history of the Author! Author! event and library services at Baptist. Explore articles written by Baptist authors in 2022 in Scholarly Commons.


In 2021, during the Covid Pandemic the in person Author! Author! event was cancelled. In order to keep the tradition going, the event was moved online. Using Zoom as a platform for the virtual event, the library was still able to recognize Baptist authors and all the work they do. Additionally, in 2021 the library Book Sale expanded to the online environment using Teams. Evidence Based Practice Fair and First RN Residency program displayed their final projects in the Internal Dissemination section of our Scholarly Commons. Finally, the new library website on Pineapple Connect launched, featuring chat, and short video tutorials.Explore articles written by Baptist authors in 2021 in Scholarly Commons.


In 2020, there were some big changes to our e-resources. The CPR books were now available electronically to Baptist staff through the Library Online Catalog and the AHA phone app. The library added chat services diversifying the ways for staff to reach out to the librarians. The Nursing and Health Sciences Research Journal was indexed by the database CINHAL which increases our Journal’s reputation and discoverability. The library director and the librarian at West Kendall Baptist Hospital joined the medical rounding on the floors, where they would provide reference service at the point of need and follow up with literature searches on the topics that emerged during the visit. Both online and in-person, the library worked on increasing their presence and outreach. In 2020 the Author! Author! event was cancelled due to the pandemic.Explore articles published by Baptist authors in 2020 at Scholarly Commons.


In 2019, the library expanded UpToDate access. It was added to the library intranet site and Cerner, which made the database available from mobile devices and Baptist computers. Core library services were expanded. Nurses could request help finding articles for their CCAP requirements through literature searches done by librarians. To help with disseminating information the library collaborated with Marketing to create poster templates for staff to use for conferences. Additionally, on Scholarly Commons, Expert Gallery profiles were created for MCI doctors and the MOSMI group. These profiles highlight doctors and their publications.Explore articles published by Baptist authors in 2019 at Scholarly Commons.


In 2018, the West Kendall library opened. Now the library was able to provide service to more Baptist staff and locations. A new service, Expert Galleries, was promoted. This service allowed staff to highlight their publications on individual profiles. The first group to be added was the Oncology Team. In 2018, the inaugural issue of the Nursing and Health Sciences Journal went live on Scholarly Commons. In October of 2018, the library director, Devica Samsundar, was awarded Medical Librarian of the Year by the Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association.Explore articles published by Baptist authors in 2018 at Scholarly Commons.


In January of 2017, the Miami Cancer Institute library location had its grand opening. The Homestead Hospital and South Miami libraries had a makerspace, which is a place where people can gather to work on projects, while sharing ideas, equipment and knowledge. In September of 2017, the new library intranet site was launched. Finally, everyone was grateful for the fact that the library coordinators no longer had to sign customers into library PC's. Making the library more easily accessible to Baptist staff.Explore articles published by Baptist authors in 2017 at Scholarly Commons.


In 2016, the library expanded both in person and online resources for staff. The library and Center for Research, started to offer support for patent research. Additionally, for staff that were publishing, the library also offered support with APA formatting. Finally, down at the Homestead Hospital classes on Consumer Literacy and "About your Health" were offered.Explore articles published by Baptist authors in 2016 at Scholarly Commons.


In 2015 the resources at the library were rapidly expanding. 59% of books in the library were electronic. The library also added access to the database ClinicalKey. The library’s electronic collection consisted of 1000 books and 600 journals. Endnote was added to the computers in the library to help with reference lists. Homestead Hospital started a Journal Club where nurses could earn CE credit. The 10th annual BHSF Nursing Research Conference was in 2015. The library was working to support Magnet Excellence at the hospitals. In the Library Letter there is a copy of the 2015 Library Annual Report.Explore articles published by Baptist authors in 2015 at Scholarly Commons.Library Newsletters are only available via local IP address or BHSF login.


In 2014, the guest speaker at the Author! Author! event was Tanya Cohn, MSN, MEd, RN, nurse scientist from the Center for Research and Grants. Additionally, all libraries had badge access for after-hours usage, including the library at Homestead Hospital which was new from the year before. In addition to online, databases were now accessible from smart phones. Finally, 2014 saw the 9th annual BHSF Nursing Research Conference which was held at Jungle Island.Explore articles published by Baptist authors in 2014 at Scholarly Commons.Library Newsletters are only available via local IP address or BHSF login.


At the Author! Author! event in 2013, Khurram Nasir, MD, the director of Wellness and Prevention Research was the guest speaker. He was the associate editor of two leading journals, Atherosclerosis and the Journal of Cardiac CT. To support family centered care the library created "Awareness Walls" where current relevant articles on topics related to top DRGs of the facility and common health and safety issues for the general public are posted. The articles are changed monthly, and are available in English, Spanish, and Creole. 2013 was the year of the 8th Annual BHSF Research Conference, which theme was Clinical Research: Key to Quality Practice and was held at Jungle Island.Explore articles published by Baptist authors in 2013 at Scholarly Commons.Library Newsletters are only available via local IP address or BHSF login.