Submissions from 2018

Counterpoint: Should Radiation Therapy Be Routinely Used in the Adjuvant Treatment of Stage III Endometrial Cancer?, John Paul Diaz

Submissions from 2017


Multi-disciplinary summit on genetics services for women with gynecologic cancers: A Society of Gynecologic Oncology White Paper, John Paul Diaz and Jeffrey Boyd
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Submissions from 2016

Advances and Technologies Developed at Baptist Health South Florida, Troy Gatcliffe

Advances in the Surgical Management of Early Cervical Cancer, Troy Gatcliffe

Cancer in Pregnancy, Troy Gatcliffe

Our Mother, Our Daughter, Ourselves: Screening and Protection Throughout the Generations, Troy Gatcliffe

Submissions from 2015

Gynecologic Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment and Future Directions, Ricardo Estape

Submissions from 2013

Complications in Robotics Surgery, Ricardo Estape

Credentials in Robotics, Ricardo Estape

New Techniques for Robotic Morcellation, Ricardo Estape

Robotic Abdominal Cerclage, Ricardo Estape

Robotic Radical Trachelectomy, Ricardo Estape

Robotic Secondary Debulking for Treatment of recurrent Ovarian Cancer, Ricardo Estape

Robotics on secondary Debulking, Ricardo Estape

Innovative Use of Robotic Surgery in the Management of Women with Ovarian Cancer, Nicholas Lambrou and Troy Gatcliffe

Submissions from 2012


Robotic-assisted total laparoscopic hysterectomy and staging for the treatment of endometrial cancer: a comparison with conventional laparoscopy and abdominal approaches, Ricardo Estape, Nicholas Lambrou, Eric Estape, Oscar Vega, and Trisha Ojea
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Gynecological Cancers and Genetic Testing, Troy Gatcliffe

Submissions from 2009


A case matched analysis of robotic radical hysterectomy with lymphadenectomy compared with laparoscopy and laparotomy, Ricardo Estape, Nicholas Lambrou, Robert E Diaz, Eric Estape, Natalie Dunkin, and Angel Rivera
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