Patients and family members who undergo surgery experience fear and anxiety prior to their surgical procedure. Fear and anxiety are usually associated, but both have different characteristics. Anxiety is a feeling which has no source and it is the direct result of fear. On the contrary, fear is an emotion to specific danger source (surgery under anesthesia) Therefore, by decreasing fear we will successfully decrease patient’s anxiety levels. Literature reviews have identified areas where empathy, active listening, good communication and emotional support are decreasing fear in patient and family members who will be able to create a source of support to the patient and speed recovery. Research question will be the implementation of an evidence-based emotional support surgical checklist assisting the circulating nurse in decreasing patients and their family’s designee fear of having surgery under anesthesia. Overtime, this increased fear alters or negatively effects a patient’s health. In order to decrease the patients’ levels of fear circulator nurses may use an integrated approach. Researcher developed questionnaires pre and post interview related to an evidence-based emotional support surgical. The method will include a prospective study of 70 patients and their designee family member demographic personal information about decreasing fear of having surgery pre/after evidence-based emotional support checklist implemented. After this implementation, the study could be used to gather accurate data which will be evaluated and present results that nurses significantly and positively influence pre-operatively in the well-being of patients and family members. Following the evidence-based emotional support checklist, which is an easy method for nurses to apply and it is within the scope of their nursing practice, will improve patients’ recovery tremendously, decreases patient and family members fear and increase patients satisfaction at WKBH.

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13th Annual BHSF Research Conference

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